Rejuvenation is just a soak away!

Relaxation, self-awareness, serenity, and mental clarity are essential to surviving and thriving in the stressful modern world we live in today. And we all know someone who is too stressed out. It could even be you. And we have also seen what consequences this stress left unattended can have.

The Clarionix - Bath Time Meditation has carefully been created to maximize the benefits of meditation. The modern-sounding music on these recordings use tones that help the listener attain alternate states of consciousness such as delta and theta and are best listened to with stereo playback.

The Clarionix - Bath Time Meditation can be obtained as either a CD or as a digital media file, an .mp3 or .mp4, that can be played on mobile audio devices and enjoyed for almost instant relaxation.

Listen to free samples at our myspace page. And rest assured with our money-back guarantee on our CDs.